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Carbon Steel Channels

Carbon steel channels are generally hot-rolled to form c-shape or box-shape. These CS channels are useful in many applications. For structural applications CS channels are extensively used. Otherwise applications like manufacturing, fabrication and repairs also use these carbon steel channels.

Carbon steel channels contain 2.1% carbon and only 0.40% of copper of their total weight. The higher carbon content helps in hardness and strength, when exposed to heat treatment. Also, the ductility is less in these high carbon containing channels. Carbon Steel channels come in three types i.e. high-tensile, low carbon and high carbon. The C and the U shape of these channels give them enhanced strength. When a load is projected in vertical or horizontal direction on these c-shaped channels, they show good rigidity. Also, galvanizing provides long lasting corrosion resistance to these carbon steels channels. Applications like trailers, truck beds, agricultural implementations, industrial maintenance, and transportation equipment make use of these carbon steel channels. C-channels contain openings at the sides and box channels contain openings on top. Different types of channels include hat channel, j-channel, and strut channel. The thickness of channels is dependent on the application.