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Carbon Steel Forged Fittings

Carbon Steel Forged fittings contain approximately 2.1% Carbon content. The higher carbon content in these steel fittings makes them harder and stronger. But the weld-ability of Carbon steel takes a downfall due to the extra carbon content. A piping system is connected with the help of carbon steel forged fittings. These Fittings give access to the difficult spots in a branch piping system. Carbon Steel Fittings and Stainless steel are two of the most commonly used forms. Galvanization of carbon steel further improves its corrosion resistance. A variety of grades of carbon steel are available, which are used for different applications. Two grades viz. 3000 and 6000 are two of the most highly used carbon steel grades. Forged Fittings are made in two types for different purposes viz. Socket-Weld and Threaded fittings. Forged Fittings in different grades have various options like Full couplings, Unions, Half & Full Couplings, Cross, Elbows and End Caps. Branch piping systems, make use of forged fittings, as they provide easy changes in pipe direction and pipe diameters without any alterations. Standards like ASME B16.11 and ASME B1.20.1 maintain the production standards of Socket-Weld and Threaded Forged Fittings.