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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Flanges

The CS PTFE lined flanges are built for applications in conditions where the chloride-bearing cooling water creates corrosion problems. The most cost-effective method of transacting between pipes is to use the Carbon Steel PTFE lined flanges. A strong option for linking various diameters of pipes is the CS PTFE lined flanges. The CS PTFE lined flanges have dimensional precision and are easy to mount. The CS PTFE lined flanges are particularly immune to corrosion from pitting. The change in the amount of chromium often contributes to a rise in other elements, such as nickel. This helps the Flanges to retain the dual balance of microstructure making them more expensive.


The Carbon Steel PTFE lined flanges are considerably expensive and are more heavily alloyed. Those flanges are then used in an application where the high resistivity to acid chlorides is needed. The CS PTFE lined flanges are reliable for applications where high general corrosion against organic acids such as acetate and acetic formic acid is required. The Industries that use the CS PTFE lined flanges in their applications include Heat exchangers, gas and oil industries, desalination plants, and Pipes in industries handling solutions containing chlorides. The Carbon Steel PTFE lined flanges are also used in the Utility and industrial systems.