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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Pipe

The CS PTFE lined pipes are known as the best solutions for extremely corrosive fluid conveyance or processing under extreme conditions. The Carbon Steel PTFE-lined-pipes are chemically inert and withstand up to 230 ° C for certain corrosive fluids. Carbon Steel PTFE lined pipes are best designed for toxic and extremely corrosive uses. Lined pipe systems CS PTFE-lined-pipes have a lap joint flange at one end and a fixed flange at the other. Such pipes have a maximum length of 3 mm. During any service, CS PTFE-lined-pipe is fitted with vent holes for the detection of leakage. Its lightweight size and seamless finish make these items more effective.


CS PTFE lined pipe is used for high-temperature storage of chemicals, heavy acids, corrosives, or other dangerous materials. The Carbon Steel PTFE lined pipe has the capabilities for high temperature and optimal efficiency. This is a safe alternative to pipes. Such pipes provide operations that are simple and manageable. The CS PTFE-lined-pipe is resistant to corrosion and to chemicals. It has low maintenance and rugged construction. lined pipe systems are made as per the specific requirements of the customers and incomplete adherence to national and international standards. The Carbon Steel PTFE-lined-pipe is generally used in industries such as Chemical Industry, Power Generation Plants, Oil-Gas Industries and Petrochemical Industries.