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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

The CS PTFE lined pipe fittings are high-pressure resistant Pipe Fittings that exhibit high resistivity against a variety of corrosive material. Because of their capacity to withstand corrosion they are very effective at handling high-pressure conditions. The Carbon Steel PTFE threaded pipe fitting is recognized as the ideal solution for conveying or processing highly corrosive fluids under severe conditions. The CS PTFE lined pipe fittings are chemically inert and resist the majority of corrosive fluids up to 230°C. High malleability makes the Carbon Steel PTFE lined pipe fittings capable of manufacturing into different Pipe Fitting types. They are also good at resisting stress cracking corrosion. The CS PTFE lined pipe fittings are suitable for applications in high-stress environments, making them ideal for application in various industrial pipelines. The PTFE lined pipe fittings dimensions are varied, and they are found in different sizes.


The Carbon Steel PTFE lined pipe fittings are used in an array of industries because of their ability to resist high pressures. Due to their high performance, low maintenance, hassle-free installation, low maintenance, less power consumption, and longer serving life, these CS PTFE threaded pipe fitting are highly demanded. Automobile Industries, agro-chemical industries, braveries industries, and cement Industries, are some of the sectors where Carbon Steel PTFE pipe fittings find wide application. They are also used in Oil and Gas Processing Industries and Pharmaceutical equipment.