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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Sight Glass

Usually, CS PTFE lined sight glass is used in separation processes. It is assembled to custom lengths according to customer requirements. Carbon Steel PTFE lined sight glass assembly is fitted with a thick wall borosilicate glass viewing tube and a solid rigid stainless steel tie rod frame. Its innovative architecture allows visualization of the entire process at 360 °. CS PTFE industrial sight glass is simple and easy to remove as compared with other kinds of fittings. It has a flanged end contact, which can be supplied in carbon or stainless steel or stainless steel lined with PFA or unlined. Carbon Steel PTFE lined sight glass is the most convenient to use for visual inspection and monitoring of flows and pipe filling.


Carbon Steel PTFE Industrial sight glass offers a barrier-free cross-section with no noticeable dead space. CS PTFE coated sight glass is used in food manufacturing, cosmetics, medicinal, etc. industries. The sight glass assembly coated with CS PTFE is corrosion resistant and chemical resistant. It has low maintenance and the construction is robust. CS PTFE hydraulic sight glass is assembled in compliance with customer-specific specifications and completely compliant with national and international standards. In industries such as the chemical industry, power generation plants, oil-gas industries, and petrochemical industries, the Carbon Steel PTFE lined hydraulic sight glass is commonly used