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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Valves

CS PTFE lined valves are a safe and reliable solution to any level of corrosion hazard. The lining of the Carbon Steel PTFE lined valves ensures an extremely high chemical resistance and longevity. The valves are leak-free and have minimal operating and maintenance costs. For carrying out its operations, CS PTFE lined valves need significantly lower torque. The CS PTFE lined valves have relatively low real values. They also show simple manual operations. The Carbon Steel PTFE lined valves have an anti-blowing stem assembly to avoid stem blowout even when the top gear is not installed. In these valves, the ball is entirely encapsulated in PFA and FEP.


The CS PTFE lined valves have an integrated body structure that provides greater stability and also reduces the risk of shell leakage. Carbon Steel PTFE lined valves are constructed in such a way that the stress on the lining is managed. The patented geometry of the ball produces a desirable shut-off. Of comfort, the lined CS PTFE valves have low working torque. In corrosive applications in the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries CS PTFE lined valves can be used as more economical alternatives to high-grade alloys. They are also used in the fertilizer, pulp, and paper industries, and in metallurgy.