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Carbon Steel PTFE Strainer

CS PTFE strainers are designed to provide minimal loss of pressure. This covers accessories to the pipeline such as pumps, valves, flow meters, etc. The Carbon Steel PTFE strainers have an exchangeable array of filters. Exchanging the strainer is quick and fast. It falls in the range of 1⁄2′′ to 14′′. Depending on the specifications CS PTFE strainers can be used in service lines, process lines, and product lines. In the primary level, it removes the base course particles. The CS PTFE strainers are used to avoid the passage of solids into a pipe thread. Also in the most arduous circumstances, it has a long and stable life.


Because of the greater tensile and yield power they possess the Carbon Steel PTFE strainers are used in various applications. They offer more resistance to corrosion than general Strainers. Hardness of work is important to harden the CS PTFE strainers. They are well weldable and can be welded through all normal welding processes. Carbon Steel PTFE strainers applications are used in various industries such as the chemical manufacturing industry and the oil and gas exploration industries. They are also used in the pulp & paper industry, and in processing oil and gas.