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Carbon Steel Sheet and Plates

Carbon Steel Plates are made up of 2.1% carbon of their total weight. Elements like niobium, molybdenum, nickel, chromium, titanium, tungsten, vanadium and zirconium are added in non-specific quantities in Carbon Steel. The copper content in Carbon steel has to be 0.40% of its total weight.


Plates and Sheets are similar. Sheet that are thicker are considered as Plates, The unit of measurement for plates are Millimetre and gauge. CS Plates consist of high amounts of carbon. Though after heat treatment the strength and hardness of steels becomes high, it reduces the ductility of carbon steels. The higher amount of carbon also reduces the welding ability of Carbon steel. Three types of Carbon Steels are commercially available i.e. High carbon Steels, Low-Carbon Steels and High tensile steels. Low-carbon steels or otherwise also known as plain carbon steels are commonly used for many applications. Mild Steels also have low-carbon content, which renders them malleable and ductile. But the tensile strength is reduces to relatively low in comparison to other steels. High tensile plates have low carbon and high tensile strength. High carbon Steel plates are made of 0.30-1.70% carbon of their total weight.