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Carbon Steel Tubing

Carbon Steel Tubing contain 2.1% carbon of their total weight. Carbon steel Tubing are best described when the minimum content of alloying elements is not defined. The alloying elements in CS Tubing include nickel, chromium, molybdenum, cobalt, titanium, tungsten, vanadium and zirconium. The minimum copper in carbon steel also is only 0.40% of its total weight.

Carbon Steel Tubing have increased carbon content, which causes them to become harder and stronger. Heat treatment is used to enhance the strength and hardness of these steels. The higher carbon content also reduces the weld-ability of these steels. Carbon Steel Tubing are found in three types low-carbon steel tubes, high tensile steel Tubing and higher carbon steel tubes. Low carbon steel Tubing are further available as high-tensile, low carbon steel tubes. These mild carbon steel Tubing are highly used. The less carbon in these Tubing also makes them malleable and ductile. The tensile strength in these low-carbon Tubing is low. High tensile carbon steel are added with alloying elements are used to producing Tubing with high tensile strength. The added elements help in providing increased strength, as well.