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Copper Nickel Fasteners

Fasteners made from copper-nickel, or cupro-nickel, are composed of copper alloyed with nickel and other elements. This alloy is warm and has an impressive combination of many highly-desired properties: it has a high resistance to corrosion, high strength, excellent fabrication characteristics, plus a low thermal expansion coefficient. Skilled technicians use these durable fasteners for items that require corrosion-resistant fixings in extreme conditions like coastal environments/ particularly saltwater areas, as well as in freshwater lakes and rivers - making them an exceptionally versatile choice.

Copper nickel fasteners are the go-to fastener for most applications due to their superior corrosion resistance, excellent fabrication characteristics, and ease of installation. These premier materials are 95% copper and 5% nickel, making them stronger and more durable than commonplace stainless steel while also providing maximum resistance in chloride-containing environments and fresh water up to 540 F. Copper nickel fasteners have an integral PTFE coating which provides further corrosion resistance and help these fastening components withstand saltwater better than other materials. The strength of copper-nickel fasteners makes them suited for harsh conditions where high performance is a must, such as sheets, pillars, steps, guardrails, valves and pumps, piping systems, flanges, masts, buoys and many more uses. They offer enhanced reliability at a fraction of the cost associated with other metals.