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Copper Nickel Fasteners

Copper nickel fasteners are alloys containing iron, manganese, copper and nickel content. Strength of the Cu-Ni alloy is enhanced due to the addition of iron and manganese. Cupronickel is not damaged when in contact with sea-water. Because when exposed constantly to sea-water, the Cu-Ni fasteners produce an oxide layer. This oxide layer protects it from damage. Corrosion resistance, ductility and tensile strength are some of the characteristics of Cu-Ni. Copper-nickel does not undergo harmful Macrofouling. Thermal conductivity is also good in copper-nickel fasteners.


Copper-nickel has good formability, making it effectively usable in many industries. Electrical resistance is good in copper-nickel fasteners. Most common applications of cupronickel are marine engineering, armaments manufacturing, coin and medal minting, chemical plants, desalination plants, petrochemical plants and electricity generation. Other popular applications of copper-nickel include hulls of boats, crank-shafts, and medical equipment. Fasteners are also available in four different types for various purposes i.e. bolts, washers, screws and nuts. The ductility retention and thermal conductivity of Cu-Ni make it effective in many industries. Cu-Ni fasteners do not show any kind of ferromagnetism.