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Copper Nickel Flanges

Copper-nickel flanges, commercially known cupro-nickel flanges are Copper and Nickel based flanges that also contain iron and manganese. The manganese content in the Cu-Ni Flanges helps to have better strength and hold. They are good at withstanding Marine conditions and provide excellent resistivity against Sea-water. These Copper Nickel Flanges also exhibit great fabrication and welding properties. They are also resistant to embrittlement from hydrogen and mechanical properties retention down to cryogenic temperatures. Copper Nickel Flanges are widely used as they are inexpensive. Copper Nickel Flanges have excellent formability, therefore, they are available in various Flange faces such as Slip-on flanges, Threaded Flanges, Weld Neck Flanges, etc.

The Copper Nickel Flanges offer great toughness. This results in the reduced machinability of these flanges. The machining properties are least at soft conditions. The Cu-Ni Flanges also offer excellent working properties and stress resistance. They are good at resisting stress corrosion cracking. The Cupro-Nickel Flanges exhibit corrosion resistance against all types of waters and acids. These Copper-nickel flanges are widely used for application in marine environments. They are also used in fixing of ships’ shafts, rings, and discs. They are used in Pressure vessel piping outlets and Seawater piping systems because of their excellent resistivity against Seawater.

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