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Copper Nickel Nuts

The Copper Nickel Nuts is designed as per the international quality standards; it is strengthened by cold working methods and is not hardened by heat treatment. The CU – Ni nuts are used in mainly high-quality cylinder locks, cylinder cores, locking systems and many more applications. These nuts offer features like corrosion resistance, high strength, and good tensile strength and are more ductile and readily fabricated. These are delivered with various coating and finishing and as per the Client’s demand.


Product Specification:

The Copper Nickel Nuts comes in ASTM B151, B152 and has size ranges between the M10 to M100. It is sold in bulk form and is packed as per the customer’s requirement. The Cu-Ni bolts come in both metric and regular size nuts and are ready for immediate dispatch. These are used in various commercial applications and are subjected to various testing in order to ensure the quality of the products. These nuts come in a variety of types like hex nuts, rivets, and anchors nuts, threaded bolts and others. The Copper-Nickel bolts/nuts design in standard with C71500 and C70600 respectively.