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Copper Nickel Pipes

Copper-Nickel Pipes or commonly known as Cupronickel pipes are alloys of copper and nickel. Additions of elements such as iron and manganese give these Cu-Ni pipes more strength. Sea-water corrosion resistance in high in these pipes. These CU-Ni pipes produce an oxide layer on the surface when exposed to sea-water, which protects them from further damage. Other damages such as Macrofouling is resisted well in these pipes.

Cu-Ni has excellent ductility, which make it usable in many applications. Cu-Ni pipes have a combination of properties such as corrosion resistance, tensile strength and thermal conductivity. Cupronickel is used in applications such as petrochemical plants, chemical plants, coin and medal minting, desalination plants, marine engineering, electricity generation, hulls of boats, propellers, crank-shafts, medical equipment, automobile parts, jewellery and fishing boats. These Pipes made from Cupronickel have thermal conductivity and ductility retention, making them effective cryogenic temperature usability. Ferromagnetism is not executed in these Cu-Ni pipes. Traditional silver coins have been replaced with cupronickel coins the recent times. The modern coins that are circulated, are made from copper nickel.