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Copper Nickel Sheet and Plates

Copper Nickel Plates contain copper and nickel along with iron and manganese as alloying elements. Manganese and iron in Cu-Ni are added to give it additional strength. Corrosion due to sea-water is resisted in copper-nickel Plates, making them useful for marine applications. Cu-Ni produces a layer of oxide when exposed to sea-water, which prevents any kind of damage. Copper-nickel plates do not undergo Macrofouling. The ductility, tensile strength and corrosion resistance of cupronickel plates is supreme.


The ductility of Copper-nickel makes it an ideal choice for many applications. The electrical resistance of Cu-Ni Plates is high. Sheets that are thicker than normal are called plates. The thickness of these plates is measured with units such as Millimetre and gauge. Cupronickel is used for many commercial applications like armament manufacturing, petrochemical plants, desalination plants, coin and medal minting, marine engineering, chemical plants and electricity generation. Other applications involving the use of Cu-Ni are hulls of tugboats, crank-shafts, medical equipment, automobile parts, jewellery and fishing boats. Ductility retention and thermal conductivity are prominent in cupronickel plates.