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Copper Nickel Tubing

Copper nickel tubing are alloys of copper and nickel, added with iron and manganese. The iron and manganese in Cu-Ni give it additional strength. Cupronickel tubing can resist sea-water corrosion. An oxide layer is produced over the surface of copper nickel, when exposed to sea-water. The oxide layer protects it from corroding. Macrofouling, tensile strength, ductility and corrosion resistance. It also has good thermal conductivity.

Copper-nickel’s ductility makes it high formable for a variety of different purposes. These tubing also have low-temperature co-efficient of electrical resistance. Cupronickel is also applicable in many applications like coin and medal minting, armaments manufacturing, marine engineering, desalination plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants and electricity generation. Other important applications of Cu-Ni include crank-shafts, medical equipment, hulls of tugboats, jewellery, automobile parts, and fishing boats. Cupronickel tubing have a good combination of ductility retention and thermal conductivity. Ferromagnetism is not executed in Cu-Ni tubing. Traditional coins are recently replaced with Cupronickel coins. Modern day coins that are circulated are made from Cu-Ni. Cold-work causes hardening in Copper-nickel tubing.