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Copper Sheet and Plates

Copper Plates have an orange colour, which is different from the regular grey or silver colour of other steels. It is one of the few metals that has a different colour. Copper is also readily usable in nature. Copper Plates are made from copper that is extracted from open pit mines in the form of copper sulphide.


Copper has many properties like thermal conductivity, ductility, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, malleability and low-thermal expansion. Plates are thicker than sheets and are measured using millimetre and gauge units. Electrical conductivity of copper is good. Hence, applications like power transmission, electrical circuits, power generation, power distribution, telecommunication, and other electrical equipment. Copper is used for building construction extensively. Copper Plates are known for their corrosion resistance and hence, are used for architectural applications effectively. Other applications like vacuum tubes, electromagnets, cathode tubes and magnetrons involve the use of copper. Plumbing systems make extensive use of copper as it prevents the growth of bacteria. Copper Plates are capable of handling extreme and high pressure environments effectively. Copper also does not undergo embrittlement even after long-term usage.