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Copper Stud Bolts

Copper stud bolts are made using the top quality copper and are offered in various length, size, and diameter. The product is available in the market ate very cheap rates and can be bought in bulk. These bolts are extensively used in the industrial application. Some common features offered by this stud bolts are a long life, rugged construction as well as eco-friendly. The common forms of these stud bolts are hex bolts, T bolts, nib bolts and square bolts.


Also, the Copper stud bolts show features like good conductivity, increased strength, corrosion resistance and antimicrobial features. Standards followed while manufacturing is the ASTM, DIN, and SAE. These stud bolts are made to go through tests like PMI test, hardness test, and tensile tests and so on after this documentation as well as inspection of the bolts are done by the third party. Finally, the stud bolts are packed in packaging material like the small boxes, pallets or cartoon. 


If you are going to buy copper stud bolts then make sure you tell the manufacturer about the size and length of bolts you wish to buy. They will deliver the stud bolts of the exact specification to you.