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Copper Washer

As you know copper is the good conductor of electricity. Copper Washer is used in the application of electronics, piping, and house hold products.  These are most engineered washers used in various industries.  It is well designed for stands in the corrosive environments. Most of the washers are failing due to excessive stress. It has various features which, makes it suitable for electronic industries. ASTM, IS DIN are standards are consider at the time of production of washers. It comes with different grades so that it will easily fit to your assemblies. You can also demands any other sizes for your personal works.


Benefits of using Copper Washers

These are available in hex, square, acorn, T shape.  This varies in different diameters for flexible fittings in bolts. Using these washers you gain a excellent surface finish. Trained workers inspected the final washer’s manually so any defective washer not reach at you. These are easily tightened by the standard spanner and ratchets.  Packing is done in the wooden boxes so washers not damaged at the time of delivery. You must use Copper Washer for your house hold work.