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Duplex Steel Bars

Duplex stainless steel is extremely corrosion resistant and hardenable alloy. There are several types of products manufactured using this kind of alloy. If you are looking for the best quality of bars then buying duplex stainless steel bars is best for you. The alloy contains a high level of chromium and nickel which makes these bars to easily withstand in extreme environment and temperature. These bars have excellent mechanical and chemical properties. You can easily get bars in different types, sizes, diameter and shapes from any of the reputable manufacturers and supplier. The manufacturers make use of best quality raw material that is well tested and inspected by inspection agencies.


Well, if we talk about the size of these duplex stainless steel bars it varies according to type to buy. The size of round bars varies from 1/16 in diameter, hex bars 3/16 in diameter and square bars 3/16 in diameter. These bars are known best for their excellent features like tensile strength, long functional life, corrosion resistance, ductility, and hardness. You will also get these bars with proper packaging and test certificates in wooden cases or boxes.