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Duplex Steel Electrodes

In this context, you will get read all about Duplex Stainless Steel Electrodes which is relatively used for industrial applications. Such quality and materials of the product have generally two facets- ferrite grains and microstructure of austenite. If we talk about its strength is double than ferritic as well as conventional stainless steels. Basically, it is available in the form of the rod and it is particularly made for high-temperature applications such as chemical process plants as well as petrochemical. Ferritic will convert to brittle phases when uncovered to elevated temperature.


It is now available in the wide range of sizes, as well as lengths, thus now users can get it to meet their specific needs and kind of application. Basically, it is coated with the silver polish and rust oil, so that it may remain constant when it is used under water environments. It is the well known product and made from pure stainless steel and others alloys. Duplex Stainless Steel Electrodes is also not a bad conductor of electricity. It is even available in the market or with the suppliers at the reasonable rates.