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Duplex Steel Fasteners

Duplex Steel fasteners have tow structures, as it is made using austenitic and ferritic steels. The mechanical properties of Duplex steels is outstanding. Duplex steels are highly resistant to corrosion.


In comparison to regular single structured austenitic and ferritic steels the strength of Duplex steels is superior. The ductility of Duplex steel is also better than that of Ferritic steels. Nitrogen, chromium and molybdenum in these Steels make it resistant to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion. DS Fasteners are resistant towards Stress corrosion cracking. Fasteners come in types such screws, nuts, bolts and washers. Alloys like nickel and molybdenum are added in small quantities to the steel. The lesser amount of alloys keeps the cost of the steel lower. In comparison to normal single structured austenitic steel the tensile strength of Duplex Steel fasteners is high. Applications like hot water tanks, brewing tanks and processing plants us duplex steels for their excellent characteristics. DS Fasteners are used for these applications due to the resistance towards stress-corrosion cracking. The low cost and superior strength of DS fasteners make them popular for many applications.