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Duplex Steel Valves

Duplex Steel contains two structures i.e. austenitic and ferritic. These two internal structures enhance the properties of DS valves. These Valves are known for their outstanding properties. Corrosion resistance is high in these DS valves.


Due to the two internal structures of these Valves the strength is superior to only austenitic or ferritic steels. Duplex Steels are also known to have better toughness and ductility in comparison to ferritic steels. Valves are versatile because these can be used from household to industry specific applications. These valves have lesser amounts of alloys like Nickel and molybdenum added to them. The amount added is lower than regular austenitic grades. The lesser addition of alloys helps in reducing the costs of the alloy. Valves are commercially developed in types like pneumatic, solenoid, hydraulic and motor. Duplex Steels have a higher tensile strength. Applications like brewing tanks, hot-water tanks, chemical plants, dishwashers, washing machines, and processing plants make use of Duplex Steel valves. The stress corrosion cracking resistance makes these valves highly usable in many corrosive environments.