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Hastelloy Flanges

Hastelloy Flanges are high-performance Flanges that are reliable for high-temperature applications. The Hastelloy Flanges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for various piping systems. They offer good oxidation resistance and can handle high pressures easily. The Hastelloy Flanges are immune to environments that require high surface stability. Hastelloy Flanges also offer high mechanical stress under a range of temperatures. They are also known to offer high creep resistance. The Strength of the Hastelloy Flanges can be increased by solid-solution hardening and Work hardening. These Flanges are also capable of withstanding deformation at high temperatures.

The Hastelloy Flanges have wrought flanges that offer corrosion resistance. They avoid the development of grain boundary precipitation and can function under high mechanical stress. They are generally used in solution treated condition and offer good machinability characteristics. The Applications of Hastelloy Flanges are used in various aerospace applications such as gas turbines and jet engines because of their ability to withstand extreme heat. They are also used in Heat Treating Equipment and Heat Exchangers. chemical reaction vessel components are also manufactured using Hastelloy Flanges. Desulphurization flue gas equipment and industrial furnace in the hot combustor zone also use the Hastelloy Flanges.

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