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Hastelloy Forged Fittings

Hastelloy Forged fittings are nickel based steel alloys. These Forged Fittings are known for their corrosion resistance.  Resistance to pitting and cracking is also high in these forged fittings. Hastelloy finds use in chemical environments where oxidation is caused. Hastelloy also works without damage in reducing environments. Strength and durability is enhanced with the addition of molybdenum to these hastelloy forged fittings. Corrosion in severe environments is resisted by hastelloy, owing to the tungsten present in it. Bushings, Unions, Couplings, and Stub-Ends are the varieties of forged fittings commercially available. The carbon content in hastelloy forged fittings in low, which reduces the carbide precipitation in the forged fittings during welding. Applications like chemical processing, waste treatment, paper and pulp production, and natural gas treatment make use of hastelloy. Two type of forged fittings are socket-weld and threaded fittings. Both these fittings serve different purposes in applications. ASME B16.11 and ASME B1.20.1 are two standards that maintain and govern the quality control and durability of socket-weld and threaded fittings. Other mechanical and durability checks are also followed for additional quality control measures.