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Hastelloy Sheet and Plates

Hastelloy Plates are nickel-molybdenum super alloys with chromium and tungsten. Tungsten is added to give resistance toward corrosion in severe temperature conditions to these plates.


Pitting, and crevice corrosion does not occur in Hastelloy plates. The Molybdenum and nickel content also helps in preventing damage in reducing conditions. The oxidation in these Plates is resisted with the addition of chromium. Plates are derived from sheets, as the thickness of the plates is higher than that of sheets.  Hastelloy contains low carbon, which minimizes the carbide precipitation during welding. The versatility of hastelloy makes it an ideal choice in many applications. Chemical attacks of various types are resisted in hastelloy plates. Hastelloy Plates can resist chloride solutions, organic and inorganic mediums of corrosion, formic acid and sea-water corrosion. Pitting and stress corrosion cracking does not occur in Hastelloy Plates. Reaction vessels, Chemical Processing Plants, Evaporators, paper and pulp production, food processing equipment, sour gas wells and pharmaceutical industry are some applications that make use of hastelloy Plates. Hastelloy C-276 is the most commonly used grade. Hastelloy products are used widely owing to their versatile properties.