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High Tensile Steel Sheet and Plates

High tensile steel Plates have high yield, tensile strength and fatigue resistance. These steel Plates are generally used for structural applications for their strength. Toughness is highness in these steels even under tampering conditions. The strength of this steel is determined according to the carbon content.

High tensile steels are used for applications like shafts, axels, gears, bolts and drill rods. The chromium-molybdenum structure of these steels gives it good ductility and shock resistance. Grades of high tensile steels include 4140, 4145H, 300M, 4340, EN25 and EN26. 300M alloy plates are low alloy containing steels that are vacuum melted. 300M also has high strength. 4140 is a high tensile steel used for general purposes. 4145H is added with chromium and molybdenum, which gives it wear resistance. Connecting rods and drilled collars are the main applications of 4145H. EN25 Plates have high tensile strength and are highly tough. 4340 is generally used as an alternative to EN25 and EN26. Hydraulic clamps, axels, drill shanks, rams, and pump shafts are some applications that use EN25 alloy.