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Incoloy Flanges

The Incoloy flanges are super austenitic steel Flanges that contain a combination of different molybdenum, copper, nitrogen, etc. They are used for application in numerous industries because of the excellent strength they offer. The Incoloy Flanges are capable of remaining stable even at elevated temperatures. They offer good corrosion resistance against a variety of corrosive environments. The Incoloy Flanges are suitable for high temperatures because they maintain their austenitic structure even when exposed to high temperatures. Some of the other characteristics of Incoloy Flanges are high resistance to oxidizing and reducing aqueous environments. They also resist various oxidizing environments such as nitric acid solutions, nitrates, and oxidizing salts. They also offer good strength.

The Incoloy Flanges offer exceptional resistance to sulfuric and phosphoric acids. They are capable to resist pitting and inter-granular attack, which helps them to be in an application in high-pressure applications. Metallurgical stability, High ductility, and Good weld-ability are some of the other characteristics of Incoloy Flanges. They are used in applications in industries such as Propeller shafts, Chemical process equipment, Phosphoric acid evaporators, Sulfuric acid piping, and vessels, etc. Marine exhaust systems and Carburizing equipment also use the Incoloy Flanges for their applications. Pickling tank heaters, pickling tanks, and equipment also use these Incoloy Flanges.

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