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Incoloy Stud Bolts

You can get all the necessary information about Incoloy Stud Bolts in this article. These bolts have very good strength build from molybdenum-nickel-chromium alloys that are known for their superior resistance against corrosion in extreme temperatures. These stud bolts are available in various shapes and sizes along with different materials & grades. These are available in two different categories of full threaded length and half threaded length. These are reliable bolts in petrochemical industries, nuclear industries, gas and oil industries, paper and pulp industries along with the industries of development, mega industries & research.


The chemical composition of stud bolts offer exceptional resistance in various corrosive environments and their weldability is very good.  These are designed and constructed in three specifications of IS/BS/ASTM in the sizes of 3mm to 20mm and their lengths vary from M02 to M33. The international standards of ASTM B425 are considered while the manufacturing of these robust Incoloy stud bolts. The chemical composition of these bolts mainly includes nickel (from 38 to 46%), copper (from 19.5 to 23.5%) and molybdenum (from 2.5 to 3.5%) along with some contents of titanium, aluminum, silicon, copper etc.