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Incoloy Valves

Incoloy is nickel based super alloy that has excellent corrosion resistance properties. Extreme environment corrosion is well resisted in Incoloy. This is due to the addition of titanium and copper. Incoloy Valves have good resistance to genera corrosion, as well.


Incoloy valves have a stable austenitic structure, with sufficient amounts of nickel to give it resistance against chloride ion stress corrosion cracking. Molybdenum and Chromium present in the alloy gives it resistance to reducing agents like acids. Protection against oxidising agents, nitrates, and acid solutions is present due to the chromium additions. Valves like Pneumatic, Solenoid, Hydraulic and Motor are commonly used for many applications. Most household applications like dishwashers and washing machines make use of valves. Valves are generally used as regulators in piping systems. Valves are used in taps to regulate the flow of water. Incoloy Valves have resistance against phosphoric and sulphuric acid attacks. These acids do not damage the internal structure of the alloy. Applications of Incoloy Valves include Phosphoric acid evaporators, propeller shafts, exhaust bellows, and marine exhaust systems. For sulphuric environment use, Incoloy is one of the most cost effective alloys.