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Inconel Fasteners

Inconel Fasteners are super alloys that contain nickel as an alloying element. These fasteners made from Inconel belong to the austenitic steel family. Damage from extreme environment usage and oxidation is resisted well in these Inconel fasteners. Temperatures were stainless steel or even aluminium does not work, are suitable for Inconel fasteners. High temperature strength is given to these fasteners via the process of precipitation hardening and solid solution strengthening.


A passivating layer of oxide is created by the fasteners in exposure to heat. Many applications that reach extreme temperatures such as chemical vessels, gas turbine blades, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, natural gas processing and steam generators make use of Inconel fasteners. These fasteners come in varieties like bolts, nuts, screws, and washers. Sodium chloride does not damage these fasteners. Thus, marine applications effectively use these fasteners. Inconel fasteners have higher strength in comparison to that of stainless steel. Temperature fluctuations are also well handled by these Inconel fasteners. They can work in environments where temperatures go from cryogenic to melting. Inconel Fasteners have low forming and machining capabilities.