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Inconel Pipes

Inconel belongs to the austenitic, nickel-chromium super alloy family. Inconel pipes are well-known for their oxidation and corrosion resistance. Inconel Pipes are usable effectively in high pressure and heat environments. Inconel is used in applications where aluminium and normal steel would succumb to creep rapture.

Solid Solution Strengthening or precipitation hardening give Inconel its high temperature strength. Inconel Pipes are known to retain their strength over a wide range of temperatures, which makes them usable in high temperature applications effectively. It is mostly used in extreme environments such as gas turbine parts. The passivating layer that forms over the surface of Inconel helps in protecting form high temperature damage. Machining cannot be carried out on Inconel and forming is also difficult ion this alloy. Inconel is used in many applications such as chemical processing, heat exchangers, gas turbine blades, pressure vessels, steam generators, pump motor shafts, turbocharger rotors and seals, combustors and pressurised water reactors in nuclear plants. Many marine applications also use Inconel due to its resistance to sodium chloride in a range of temperatures.