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Inconel Screw

The main reason for wide application this Inconel Screw is that they are outstanding in many heat, pressure and temperature conditions. These screws are available in grades of different types such as Inconel 600/ 601/ 625/ 800/ 825 800HT/ 925/ 718/ and 330 screws. All these grades make them very useful for a wide range of uses in chemical, petrochemical, construction, mechanical, domestic uses, paper, plastic and many other industries. These screws are high in chromium content which make them good in corrosion resistance, can control the hot and cold working conditions, thermal treatment processes environment and provide high strength.


Specifications and sizes-

The screws made from us are available with the specifications of ASTM B 166 and ASME SA 166 along with the standards of IS, ASTM, BS and many other international standards. The size range can be costumed as per your needs but we also have many pre-available sizes of M3 to M56 and in inches from 3/6” to 2”. One even doesn’t have to worry about types for Inconel Screw as they come in head hex, socket head, socket set, anchor set, blind rivet, threaded screw, steel shoulder, panel screw and machine types.