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Inconel Tubing

Inconel Tubing belongs to the family of nickel-based super alloys. These are Inconel Tubing are austenitic steels. Inconel Tubing have oxidation resistance and can withstand extreme environments effectively. Tubing work well in a wide range of temperatures, where even stainless steel and aluminium would give up. Precipitation hardening and solid solution strengthening is done to give these tubing high temperature strength.

Inconel tubing form a passivating layer on their surface of oxide when exposed to heat. Inconel used in many extreme environmental applications such as Gas turbine blades, chemical vessels, pressure vessels, turbocharger rotors and seals, heat exchangers, steam generators, components in nuclear pressurized water reactors, and in natural gas processing also. Inconel tubing have immunity against sodium chloride corrosion, making them useful in many marine applications effectively. The strength is higher than stainless steel in Inconel tubing, when it comes to high temperature services. Temperature fluctuations are handled well in Inconel Tubing. Hence, making them useful in applications where temperatures vary from freezing to melting point. Forming and machining is difficult on Inconel Tubing.