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Inconel Washer

Inconel is the alloy made with nickel and chromium and here the nickel is primary element while the chromium is secondary. The washers made from the Inconel exhibit resistance to corrosion, pitting, cracking as well as various acids. Also, the washers made from this alloy can easily withstand an extreme temperature and retain their strength with no or little creep. Inconel washers are mainly used in heat exchangers, turbines as well as other equipment which are exposed to elevated temperatures.


Also, these washers are used in motor shafts, pumps, and so on. These washers are manufactured in different forms some of which are the dome washers, square washers, plain washers, lock washers, fender washers and the hex washers. So, as per the needs of the customers, these washers are customized in various length, size, and diameter.


The surface of these washers are coated with the zinc plating, electropolishing, mirror buffed, Teflon coated, oxidized and chrome plated.  The grades in which Inconel washers are available are 601, 600, 625 and 686 and so on. If you are buying Inconel washers from the online store then make sure you check the specification of each grade and then buy!