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Low Temperature Carbon Steel Sheet and Plates

Low Temperature Carbon Steel is the term used to denote any steel that is non-stainless steel type. To include a steel in carbon steel category, it has to have 2.1% carbon of its total weight. It should contain molybdenum, nickel, niobium, titanium, tungsten and zirconium in unspecified quantities. Carbon Steel plates become harder and stronger when exposed to heat treatment. The heat treatment enhances certain properties, while causing a loss of ductility. High carbon in these carbon steel plates renders them less weld-able.


Low carbon steel Plates are a type of carbon steel. These are also known as Mild-carbon steels or Plain-Carbon steels. Low-carbon-steel plates are measured using millimetre and gauge units worldwide. Plates are the thicker forms of sheets. Carbon content in mild carbon steel plates is only 0.5-0.25% of the total weight. Surface hardness of these plates is increased using Carburization. Low-carbon plates are popular due to their low cost and usability in many applications. These steel plates have a low-tensile strength in comparison to other steels. Cold-forming becomes easy in these low-carbon plates owing to the less carbon present in them.