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Manganese Bronze

Manganese Bronze is an alloy of copper, tin, and manganese. The proportions of each will vary depending on the desired use but commonly contain 85-90% copper, 4-10% tin, and 0.5-7.5% manganese. It's an incredibly durable material used for the hulls of ships in ancient times due to its strength and resistance to seawater and salt air corrosion. In more modern uses, it can be found in locksmithing, other architectural hardware applications, and marine bearing components where superior durability is key!

Manganese Bronze is an alloy of copper, zinc, and manganese. It has very high strength and excellent wear resistance due to its high manganese content. The Manganese Bronze is popularly used for bearing applications where tight tolerance is needed due to minimal machining, making gears and bushings, and for making corrosion-resistant fasteners like nuts and bolts. It also finds application in the ship building industry because of its excellent corrosion-resistant properties.

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