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Manganese Steel Sheet and Plates

Manganese steel plates contain about 13% of Manganese content of their total weight. The wear and impact resistance of these plates is well-known. The steel is also called Mangalloy. It has non-magnetic and anti-wear properties, making t usable in high-workability applications. Mangalloy contains 0.8-1.25% Carbon and 11-15% Manganese. The hardness and ductility of mangalloy plates is enhanced with the increase in manganese content. It is one of the superior steel grades.


Manganese Steel plates are also abrasion resistant. During impact situations the surface hardness of these plates gains up to three times. The impact hardness does not make the steel brittle, helping in the retention of toughness of the steel. The tensile strength of Mangalloy is good, whereas the yield strength is only fair. Applications like cement mixing, mining, railway switching, rock crushers, crawler treads for tractors and high impact environments make use of Manganese steel plates. The steel plates have properties like low temperature strength, making them useful in cryogenic temperature applications. The machining of Mangalloy plates is difficult and generally requires a specialized tool. Work-hardening is quick in these plates.