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Monel Bolts

The Monel Bolts are widely used in various application of industry and are manufactured with the latest technologies using high-grade raw materials. The Monel fasteners come in all types of grades such as bolts, screws, nuts, sockets, studs and more as per the customer requirements. These bolts are offered many outstanding features like excellent resistance for marine applications, high strength, good toughness at high temperatures and many more. These bolts are precisely engineered and are subjected to annealing method in order to provide higher strength and you can get this product at reasonable rates.


Product Specifications-

These bolts are designed with specific standards such as ASTM/ASME F 467. The range of Monel Bolts lies within M10 to M100 and has the length up to the 5 meters. It follows other specification like IS, BS, DIN, and others. These bolts come in a variety of types like eye bolt, U bolt, washer, threaded bolt. Hex bolt, stud bolt etc.  These bolts products are wrap in proper foil in order to provide safety and are subjected to various testing methods to ensure the quality in best terms.