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Monel Flanges

The Monel flanges are ideal high-temperature flanges that are known because of their ability to withstand hot temperatures without deforming. These Monel Flanges are highly non-ductile because of their ability to withstand deformation. Monel flanges are Nickel-based flanges that also contain Copper and iron. The Copper content helps the flanges to have better surface stability than several other grades of flanges. Their ability to bear severe mechanical stress helps them to be in application in a variety of situations. They also offer excellent resistivity against oxidation. The Monel Flanges also possess resistivity against various acids and alkalis even at sub-zero temperatures.

The Monel Flanges are not very cost-effective and are found on the higher side of the costs. They are suitable for high-pressure applications. The machining of these Monel flanges is difficult and the work-hardening of the Monel flanges is quite hard. They also offer good thermal conductivity. The Applications of the Monel Flanges are found in several industries. They are widely used in industries such as Aerospace and Airline industries. Jet and gas turbine engines use the Monel flanges. They are also used in applications in the industries for manufacturing of Heat exchangers, Components for chemical reaction vessels and Equipment for heat treatment.


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