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Monel Forged Fittings

Monel Forged Fittings are made from nickel and copper. Hot and cold working methods are used for the fabrication of Monel Forged Fittings. Monel Forged Fittings are stronger than pure Nickel. The corrosion resistance of Monel against many corrosive elements is well-known. Work-hardening in Monel Forged Fittings is quick and these are costly, as well. Ductility, resistance to alkalis and more over low costing of Monel makes it an element of choice in many applications. Industries like Oil & gas, Marine and Aerospace make use of Monel Forged Fittings for various purposes. Threaded Fittings and Socket-Weld Fittings are two type of forged fittings used for different applications. ASME B16.11 standards are set to govern the production quality of Monel Socket-Weld Fittings. And ASME B1.20.1 standards are used to govern the production standards of Monel Threaded Forged Fittings. Other mechanical and quality control tests are also conducted over Monel forged fittings to maintain production standards. Bushings, Stub-Ends, Elbows, Unions and Couplings are some types of Forged Fittings commonly used in many industries. Piping systems make use of Monel Pipe Fittings to make Directional and Diameter changes in pipes.