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Monel Pipe Fittings

Monel Pipe Fittings consist nickel, carbon and silicon content in small amounts. Fabrication of Monel pipe fittings involve machining hot-cold working and welding. Many corrosive agents are resisted well in Monel Pipe fittings, like rapidly flowing sea-water.

Monel Pipe Fittings combine properties like ductility, high strength, resistance to acids and alkalis. These pipe fittings made from Monel also have good thermal conductivity. This property makes Monel usable in critical and high performance applications. Monel products are used in limited applications, due to its high cost. Monel work hardens quickly. Hence, machining is hard on Monel Pipe Fittings. Monel is available commercially in two grades viz. Monel 400 and Monel K-500. Aluminium and titanium is added to Monel K-500, which give it higher strength. Mechanical properties of Monel at sub-zero temperatures is excellent. Monel can withstand high-speed friction, which makes it an ideal product for aircraft construction. Monel Butt weld Fittings can resist Hydrofluoric acid well. This property makes its highly usable in chemical industries in order to contain hydrofluoric acids in concentrated amounts. Sulphuric and Hydrofluoric acids in reducing conditions are resisted well in Monel Pipe Fittings.