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Monel Sheet and Plates

Monel Plates contain carbon, nickel and silicon in small amounts. Hot-cold working, welding and machining is used to fabricate these Monel Plates. Monel Plates can resist the damage cause when in contact with rapidly flowing sea-water.


Monel Plates have combined properties like resistance to acids and alkalis, high strength, ductility and good thermal conductivity, as well. Thus, the use of Monel plates in high performance applications is efficient. Due to the high cost of Monel, these plates find applications in limited applications. Work-Hardening occurs quickly in these plates, which makes machining difficult in these. Monel is produced in two grades i.e. Monel 400 and Monel K-500. Aluminium and titanium is added to these Monel K-500 Plates increasing their strength. Monel 400 executes mechanical properties at sub-zero temperatures, as well. Aircraft industry makes extensive use of Monel plates for aircraft construction. These extensive use comes courtesy of the capability of Monel to withstand the friction created during high speed flights. Monel can also resist damage caused due to Hydrofluoric acid. Hence, it is used to contain concentrated amounts of Hydrofluoric acids in chemical industries.