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Monel Stud Bolts

Monel screws are made up of nickel and copper alloy. It is exhibit with high strength, toughness properties. It offers good corrosion resistance over wide temperature range. It is suitable for chemical applications perhaps it is most commonly used special screw. It has exceptional capability in stands against extreme environments. These are designed for bearing the high loads. It offers outstanding features, which makes it ideal for acid reducing conditions. AMS, ASME, ASTM, DIN are standards of these screws. Coarse, fine, super fine threads are available in screws. Dimensions are designed according to specific standards so these will tighten easily in every fitting.


Specifications of Monel screws

Square, acorn, dome, T shape screws are some type of screws. You can order special shapes as per your requirements. Tested and qualified raw materials are used in the manufacture of these washers. These can be easily tightened by common equipments, screw drivers, etc. Monel screws offers high surface finish and accurate dimensions for excellent quality of your fittings. CNC and lathes are used in production of screws. You can buy these screws for most reasonable prices.