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Monel Tubing

Monel is a nickel containing alloy. It consists of nickel, carbon and silicon in small amounts. Monel Tubes use hot-cold working, machining and welding for fabrication. Monel tubes can resist corrosion in many agents, including rapidly flowing sea-water.

Monel tubing has a combination of properties such as high strength, ductility, resistance to acids and alkalis and good thermal conductivity. Hence, use in critical and high performance applications is effective. Monel tubings are costly and find use in limited applications. Machining is difficult on Monel tubings, as they work-harden quickly. Monel 400 and K-500 are two types of alloys. Monel K-500 tubings consist of aluminium and titanium additions, giving it higher strength. At sub-zero temperatures Monel 400 executes excellent mechanical properties. Monel is used in aircraft construction, as it can withstand the friction created during extremely high speed flights effectively. Hydrofluoric acid is well resisted by Monel tubings. Hence, making it effectively usable in many chemical industries to contain hydrofluoric acids in concentrated amounts. Monel tubing can resist hydrochloric and sulphuric acids even under reducing conditions.