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Monel Valves

Monel valves contain elements like carbon, nickel and silicon in small amounts. For fabrication of Monel valves, the techniques of hot-cold working, machining and welding are used. Monel valves are resistant to corrosion in rapidly flowing sea-water.

Monel valves have combined properties like strength, ductility, resistance to acids and alkalis, and good thermal conductivity, as well. Thus, Monel is used for critical and high performance applications. Valves are manufactured in types like Pneumatic, solenoid, Motor and Hydraulic. Work-hardening happens quickly in Monel. Thus, machining is difficult in Monel Valves. Valves are prominently used in plumbing applications. Monel valves are manufactured in two types 400 and K-500. Aluminium and titanium is added to K-500, which gives it additional strength. Monel is known to execute amazing mechanical properties at sub-zero temperatures. Hydrofluoric acid does not do damage to the internal structure of the alloy. It is used in aircrafts, due to its resistance to friction during high speed flights. It is used in chemical industries to contain concentrated amounts of hydrofluoric acid. It can resist sulphuric acid even in reducing conditions.