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Monel Washer

Monel washer is made with nickel and copper alloy; they provide you with high strength and toughness. The washers are greatly known for their good resistance and provide the people with a wide temperature range. They provide you with an outstanding characteristic of the washer that helps you in having exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric acid. That helps you in particularly tough acid that helps you in dealing with concentration up to boiling point. The monel washer provides you with resistance for the hydrofluoric acid that is being mostly used in especially alloy.


They help you in providing monel washer that helps you in getting excellent corrosion resistance in a marine application and provide you with reasonable corrosion resistance to various sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid that is being used under reducing condition. The characteristics of these monel washers are being mainly used in chemical processing applications. Some of the common grades of the monel washer are monel 400 and monel k500.


Some of the great specifications of monel washers are they provide you with great resistance from hydrofluoric acid, they provide you with excellent resistance from sea water to all the marine applications. They are made with high strength metal and also provide them with great toughness at high temperature.