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Nickel Alloy Bars

The Nickel Alloy Flanges are high strength Flanges that are used in various aqueous environments. The Nickel Alloy flanges are manufactured by a combination of Nickel with several other metals such as chromium and molybdenum. The Nickel Alloy Flanges are used in industrial applications because of their ability to resist corrosion in a variety of corrosive media. The Nickel Alloy Flanges are also immune to chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking. These flanges also resist chloride pitting and caustics. Nickel Alloy Flanges offer high weld-ability characteristics and machining characteristics. The Nickel alloy flanges also offer high ductility and formability because of the combination of elements used for the production of these flanges.


Nickel alloy is known for its resistivity against seawater, hence it is used in several marine applications. They are also suitable for applications in environments that contain acids such as H2SO4, HF, and ferric salts. The Nickel Alloy Flanges are widely used in industries such as Specialty chemicals, Pharmaceutical Industries, petrochemical industries, and bulk liquid transportation industries. They are also used in industries for applications such as Flue gas desulfurization, Evaporators for wet-process phosphoric acid, Chemical process equipment for mixing both oxidizing and reducing acids.


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