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Nickel Alloy Flanges

Nickel Flanges have hardness and ductility. Flanges made from Nickel are corrosion resistant. Oxidation does occur in these flanges at room temperature. Ferromagnetism is executed at room temperature in these flanges. Production of stainless steel involves the addition of nickel. Around 68% of the world’s stainless steel is produced using nickel. Nickel is added with other elements to enhance properties like Ductility, tensile strength and toughness.


Iron ore limonite is the crude material from which nickel is commercially extracted. Limonite contain about 1-2% Nickel of its total weight. Many biological species require nickel for their development. Rechargeable, and Nickel Hydride batteries have nickel element present in them. Industries such as Chemical, petrochemical, power generation, and coal and gas make extensive use of Nickel products. Nickel comes in grades likeNickel 200, Nickel 201. These grades are used for different commercial purposes in various industries. Properties like resistance towards high temperatures, resistance towards oxidation, resistance toward carburization and excellent resistance towards corrosion make sit highly usable in many industries.