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Nickel Alloy Sheet and Plates

Nickel Plates have good hardness and ductility. These plates are corrosion resistance, but can undergo oxidation at room temperature. Ferromagnetism is present in titanium plates at room temperature. Nickel is used for the production of 68% stainless steel I the world.


Many plant species depend on Nickel for their biological development. Rechargeable batteries like Nickel-cadmium and car batteries like nickel-metal hydride make use of Nickel. Iron ore limonite is the ore from which Nickel is economically extracted. This Limonite contains about 1-2% Nickel of its total weight. Chemical equipment coating and brass plating is done using Nickel. Plates are sheets that are generally thicker. These plates are measures using millimetre and gauge units across the world. Commercially Nickel is used in many applications like microphone capsules, alnico magnets, coinage, rechargeable batteries, plumbing and piping. Nickel is also used in the production of special alloys like permalloy, elnivar, and invar. In many alloys, Nickel is added to increase the tensile strength, toughness and ductility. Nickel Plates are available in grades like Nickel 400, Nickel 200, Nickel 600, Nickel 601, Nickel 625, Nickel 718, Nickel C-276 and Nickel 20.